Writing for Audio: 7 Tips

The simple sandbox.  I played in one.  I’ll bet you did, too!  Remember those days?  Bring your Writing Team and come with me for a few minutes to be reminded of what makes meaningful writing for audio, in my Sandbox Approach to Jumpstarting Writing for Audio! Yes, you can!

 “A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.” – Robert Frost

  1. The sandbox is a defined space, but a creative blank. Accept the limits and go for the sandy opportunity to communicate.
  2. Remind yourself that we want God to speak through our writing to a listener, with a focus on what she needs to hear. Pray for God to use you.
  3. Sit to just write/create: imperfectly, unfinished, inexact. 140 words is about 60 seconds, but don’t worry about that as you begin.
  4. Include a premise on your topic. What one topic is interesting to your listener?
  5. Add an “a-ha”, “I-never-thought-aboutit-that-waylesson. It may be obvious to you, but may be new to others.
  6. Read your writing aloud. Does it sound natural? Use words that you usually speak? 
  7. Now, edit. Make it concise and go!
  8. Need more help? Call on Finney Media if you don’t have time or energy. We love It when we can join your sandbox crew!