The Wallpaper Sin

Snoopy and Charlie Brown made famous the now-so-familiar “blah, blah, blah” of the parents—out of the scene and just background noise—wallpaper.

Enter any room that actually wears wallpaper and you’ll understand.  It’s a pattern of repetition that is the same again and again and again … and yet again.  Can you pick out just one of the figures and zero in on that drawing?  The waving wheat?  The medieval scene?  It’s tough!  Your eye becomes bored and mixes the one figure with the figure above it or beside it or below it.

Likewise, an audio phrase or title can be wallpaper if it’s generally used words in a generally used way.  The burning question:  What sets it apart?  What makes your listener pause to listen?

Grace Minute?  How’s that different?

Grace Prescription.  That’s a little more surprising.

Our Tender God.  That’s something that’s fresher.

Now it’s your turn.

Rip away the wallpaper and give your creativity a gig. The Wallpaper Sin