Repeat the Sounding Joy

From Peterson/A Long Obedience, p. 197

“I have a friend who is dean in a theological seminary where men and women are trained to be pastors. Sometimes he calls one of these people into his office and says something like this: “You have been around here for several months now, and I have had the opportunity to observe you. You get good grades, seem to take your calling to ministry seriously, work hard and have clear goals. But I don’t detect any joy. You don’t seem to have any pleasure in what you are doing. And I wonder if you should not reconsider your calling into ministry. For if a pastor is not touched with joy, it will be difficult to teach or preach convincingly that the news is good. If you do not convey joy in your demeanor and gestures and speech, you will not be an authentic witness for Jesus Christ. Delight in what God is doing is essential in our work.”

 Thinking about this at our broadcast ministries – stations and programs – do we sound profoundly joyful? In a world of horrible daily news, sniping tweets, anger, resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness, does your listener hearjoy, peace, gratitude, unhurriedness that the Gospel describes. It’s not just the words, it’s the feelings those words reflect and create.

We have a client who has given his on-air folks these instructions/guidance:

“Your on-air job is a (to) worship, not preach. And, to do so concisely. Help connect our listener to our God through consumable, worshipful, heart connective communication.” Amen!