NPS Score Thoughts

Net Promoter Score:  a Help, a Hindrance, a Happy Place?

Chuck and Jan here.

By now you’ve likely seen the overall Christian Radio Net Promoter Score (NPS): A 76 out of 100.  Higher than some incredibly popular companies such as Apple, Amazon and even Southwest Airlines. In case you missed it, here how the NPS is calculated. First survey respondents answer the following question in the Finney Media Why Listen? Survey:

How likely is it that you would recommend the station/program that sent you this survey to a friend or colleague?

Looking at the chart above, you will notice the formula: the percentage of folks answering 0 through 6 is subtracted from the percentage of those answering 9 and 10. It’s a tough formula! And Christian Radio comes in looking really good.

An important question has come up. It’s this: As a station or network, what should we do with this score? How shall I act with this knowledge? Let’s roll through a series of possibilities and then consider the next step.

  1. Look at the great score and use it as a reason to “coast.” We’re good!
  2. Use it in advertising. Hey everybody, we’re good!
  3. Keep it from the team, so they don’t slack off. Psst…we’re really, really good!

OK, some of the list is indeed tongue in cheek, but it’s clear that we don’t want to use our scores either as a point of pride, or as a reason to coast. No matter how high the score, it’s only one measure of our engagement with the audience—and we know too well what the Scripture says: Beware. Pride comes before a fall.

We suggest that a humble spirit of gratefulness for the opportunity to be a witness and faithful presence in our community is a good approach. We are one of God’s servants, His presence to help and encourage.

We might use the number as a baseline to measure changes when the Finney Media Why Listen? Survey is repeated in 2018. We might share this as a praise and encouragement to our teams: God is good! And we suggest keeping it handy for days when things don’t go as planned and we’re wondering why we ever got into this business anyway!

Bottom line: This single number does say a lot. It offers us a pat on the back to continue the sometimes hard, always challenging, and mission fulfilling work that pulls us out of bed each day. Let’s praise God and use it to spur each other on to fight the good fight.


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