“You change my day, Christian Radio.”


Chuck and Jan here.


With a Net Promoter Score in the seventies—ahead of many popular organizations—we can confidently say your listener thinks highly of you.  What’s behind the number—the heart reason?


We gathered some first-person evidence to answer that question. We asked about 125 music radio listeners, mostly gals, “how does your station make you feel when you listen?”


The response wasn’t just positive. It was a resounding chorus: You make me happy.


Kathy sums up the feeling for this overwhelming—unaided—word choice: “strong and happy, bold and courageous.


Monica gets more detailed. “It [radio station] makes my day better.  There have been many mornings that I left for work having a bad morning.  And it never fails, the right song comes on and makes the day better.”  Roseanne adds, “One song can totally change [the] outcome of the day.”


Other words listeners used after “happy”, in order of use were: 1. Uplifting 2. Joyful 3. Calm/peaceful 4. Hopeful


Take that to your next prayer and planning session.


Pray for God’s continued work in opening hearts.  For wisdom as you work to change a day, an outcome, and yes, a life.


You have favor. Today is your day of opportunity.

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