Finney’s Fast Five Plus

Finney’s Fast Five Plus


February 2017

Christian Radio Listeners Top Reasons for Not Giving


In the 2016 Finney Media Why Listen? nationwide survey, we asked Christian Radio listeners who say they don’t give to a Christian radio station why they don’t make a financial contribution to the radio ministry. Among listeners who indicated that they don’t currently give to the radio ministry, here are the top Main Reasons they say they don’t give:


1) I have a limited income and can’t give right now        46%
2) I give to other organizations that need money more 14%
3) I only give money to my local church 11%
4) I did not know they needed my support 2%
5) Lots of other people listen and probably give 2%
6) My contribution won’t make much of a difference 1%
7) The broadcaster hasn’t made a compelling case for the need 1%


There were many positive findings in the Finney Media Why Listen? Survey. The answers to this question are some of them. Our #1 reason that listeners who don’t give don’t give is that they can’t. Not that they don’t believe in what you do. Not that you’re annoying them with something you do on the air. Not having enough money to help is overwhelmingly the #1 reason.

Overall, the Finney Media Why Listen? Survey uncovered big positives about listeners’ perceptions of Christian radio. Even when we asked questions like this about things that might be considered negative, your listeners are kind, honest, supportive . . . and passionately positive about your mission and what you contribute to their lives!

Coming in Finney Media’s Fast Five for March: From the nationwide Finney Media Why Listen? Survey, we asked listeners across multiple age ranges why they listen to Christian radio. We’ll break out those Main Reasons for listening into age demographics to compare similarities and differences.



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