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January 2017

Christian Radio Listeners Top Reasons for Giving


In the 2016 Finney Media Why Listen? nationwide Survey, we asked Christian Radio listeners across the US why they might make a financial contribution to a radio ministry. Among listeners who indicated that they have given to a radio ministry, here are the top Main Reasons they say they give:

1)   I believe in the mission/vision of the ministry    84%
2) They courageously teach God’s Truth 77%
3) They help create a positive atmosphere in my life/home 73%
4) They encourage me during difficult times and give me hope 70%
5) They remind me of what God has done for me 70%
6) They inspire me to serve God 67%
7) They help me understand the Bible better and apply it to daily living 56%


Your listener doesn’t just like your station. She LOVES your station! When you do a good job of reflecting back to her your mission and vision in a way that is understandable and clear, she’s more likely to jump on board and help.

We believe that to engage your listener in this way, you need to repeatedly make clear why she should care about what you do. When you connect emotionally with your listener, explain that you are listener funded, and focus on the heart change that God is doing with your station as the soundtrack. She will want to help.

Check out reasons #2 and #3 also.

  • “They courageously teach God’s Truth.” Repeatedly in our Finney Media Why Listen? Survey, we saw where a bolder, more Gospel focused angle was highly appealing. We know from talking to you that the Gospel missional focus of what you do is important to you. Turns out it’s important to many of your listeners also.
  • “They help create a positive atmosphere in my life/home.” If you needed more motivation to be encouraging in a poisonous world, here you go. She aches for “word hugs” in what you play and what you say. Remember that this positive atmosphere is a feeling, not just a liner. Hard to do. Absolutely crucial to owning that “positive atmosphere.”


Coming in Finney Media’s Fast Five for February: From the nationwide Finney Media Why Listen? Survey, we asked listeners who don’t give why they don’t give. We’ll give you the Top 5 Reasons Christian Radio Listeners Don’t Give To Your Radio Station.


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