Program Consulting

You’ve been called to proclaim the Good News boldly. Here are ways that Finney Media is an extension of your team to help you reach the ears of more listeners who need to hear Jesus’ truths and learn of His love.

Unless your message is poised to cut through the distractions of everyday life, it’s falling short of its full potential. You’ve been called to help others. We’ve been called to help you in that mission. Here’s how we can work together to build true heart connection:

Music. Playlists that will draw in and keep more listeners. “A to Z” Library Review, Clocks, Clock rules. Music Research Interpretation.

Formatics. We work closely with you on building and implementing strategic formatic clocks.

Recorded Imaging. We work with you on strategizing your recorded messaging to best accomplish your goals and then help you with writing, editing, focus, length and formatics to maximize its effectiveness.

Ratings Analysis and Interpretation. Listenership has a bottom line. With long experience in Nielsen analysis and interpretation, we’ll help you reach your listenership goals.

Marketing. Both on air and off air messaging, we help you strategize how best to market your station.

Content Consulting of Spoken Word. Heart connections happen when listeners are tuned in to your message. We provide minute-by-minute counsel.

Program Placement/Affiliation Review. Not all radio affiliates are equal. You need strong business alliances. We offer recommendations on which outlets to pursue and how to pursue them. Smart choices garner better return on investment.

Team Makeup. How you shape your team is a help—or a hindrance. You need the right balance of strengths as you shape workgroups and assignments. We offer assistance in maximizing your strengths.

Social Media. We combine radio expertise and digital knowledge to help your message realize its greatest impact potential. We focus on ensuring radio or audio connects meaningfully across all platforms.

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