Christian Radio, I Choose You Because

Who knew that Christian radio listeners could be amazingly picky? Do they only want to hear music or scripture and go on about their day? Yes. But we found that Christian radio listeners are more mindful in what they want from their radio stations.

Research released from the Finney Medial Why Listen?® 2016 survey shows that Christian radio listeners have specific wants, and when those are met they are intensely loyal. In fact, the vast majority indicate they listen either exclusively to almost exclusively to Christian radio. This information is derived from the survey results of 23,000 Christian radio listeners in the United States and Canada.

In the latest whitepaper “Christian Radio: I Choose You Because” we explore the loyalty factor and the similarities and differences among three format groups of Christian radio listeners—the listeners who listen for Christian teaching only, the listeners who listen for Christian music only, and the listeners who listen for both teaching and music. For all of these listeners it is clear: If you want to cause them to come back more often, breaks and songs that are focused on helping your listener grow spiritually and an uplifting, encouraging tone will bring her back.

There’s a much broader list of observations, questions to ask and actions to consider in the whitepaper. Download it.