Relationship matters

We view our clients as partners, as friends, as people who live in families and have a larger personal story. Clients may come to us for specific business needs, but our hope is they are blessed and enlarged by the relationship we share.

The listener is our focus

As we work in audio communications, we work with the listener in our mind’s eye.  Most of our research, our mental framing and indeed our strategy revolves around this person.  If the listener yawns, we care.

Proverbs 22:1 is our Biblical underpinning.

“A good name is to be desired more than silver or gold, favor more than great riches.”

The details of our lives and the business are directed toward integrity. This translates to how we pay our bills, how we share difficult news and how transparent we are.

Our ultimate mentor for creativity is God

We stand in awe of God’s creativity and the wonder of his creation.  We look to Jesus for our model on both the power of story and the art of storytelling.  He is also the living story that touches us most deeply with his life, death and resurrection, and the fact that he offers us a gift of salvation.

We believe growth is possible

We believe growth is possible both for a faith-life, size of audience, your family, and yes, how a team operates. This is part of our optimistic, encouraging and hopeful DNA, but also based on research.