A Beautiful Heart

Chuck here.

You know the movie A Beautiful Mind? It’s the 2001 movie with Russell Crowe, playing a brilliant but ascocial mathematician. Won the Nobel Prize in Economics. Genius. Understands things way beyond the average person.

That’s my friend Tim Davis. But without the asocial part. Tim is a genius. With music research. With perceptual research. With all things digital – apps, social, SEO, Twitter, Facebook. He was the architect of the Finney Media Why Listen?™ study we did in 2016.  

And he is a genius on Texas A&M football. Oh, forget that part. He is a genius on that, but that has nothing to do with this piece.

Tim understands how to meld all of those research and digital pieces together in a dance that creates listener and online user magic. He gets these things in ways that those of us who know him marvel at his gift. Ask anyone who he has blessed along the way, and they’ll agree.

But the even bigger thing to know about Tim is his heart. He is crazy about his wife Kathy and his two teenage kids. A quick story: Tim and I spent hours these past couple years on video chats working through various research questions and obstacles. But on this one call, Tim was quick to mute and spend about five minutes with his daughter Alyssa, who needed a few minutes with Daddy. Silence on my end, but I could see the tenderness and patience to give her what she needed in that moment.

Tim is a man with a beautiful heart!

And Tim loves Jesus.

And because of that last part, he is dancing in heaven with our King today. Tim finished his race on Saturday April 8. He was 49. Way too early for those of us still here. My heart is heavy with the loss, but I thank God for the blessing of knowing Tim, and look forward and upward to the day we’ll see him again.